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Most email marketers aren’t seeing the ROI they deserve for one reason – they’re operating under some dangerous misinformation about phone calls. When email marketers shy away from encouraging their audience to connect over the phone they miss out on serious bottom-line benefits including: Increased engagement, especially from mobile users Better personalization and segmentation from call
Email marketing isn’t getting any easier. The rise of mobile has forced marketers to rethink tried-and-true strategies in order to effectively connect with mobile users who have a different set of needs and expectations than their desktop counterparts. If you’re scrambling to find the cure to declining open rates and falling email ROI, here are 15 stats
The team at Google AdWords has been hard at work rolling out some major updates that will help transform paid search. Here are four big AdWords updates we all need to get ready for: 1. Click to SMS AdWords’ click-to-call extension has been available for some time, but Google is rumored to be testing new
Risk Tolerance CISOs today face a new challenge in the way they must protect information assets for their particular organization. The primary reason for this is because information is now stored digitally, which creates vulnerabilities that can lead to devastating consequences. In addition to a possible security breach, CISOs must also remain in compliance with

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