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It’s no secret that email marketing is a very powerful tool for driving sales and maintaining a loyal customer base. Having an email list is the backbone of many businesses because it allows them to tap into existing customers and also build a list for prospects too. What a surprising number of people are doing,

Have You Gone Mobile?

Wednesday, 23 November 2016 by
With the incredible rise of the use of mobile devices, it’s no wonder that they have overtaken desktops as the most preferred method for using the Internet. That’s right, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets now account for 51.2% of all the Internet traffic worldwide. With over 2.6 billion smartphone users globally and the
Similar to a credit score, your sender score is a number score for your IP address. It is IP address’ reputation based on its messaging activity. The numerical score is from a range of 1-100. The lower the score is, the worse the IP address’ reputation is and vice versa. You can check out your

Email Authentication Explained

Friday, 14 October 2016 by
The public in general tend to believe that email authentication is difficult subject. There is a mixture of acronyms and initialisms. There are often random links to technologies that are clear only for professionals.  For sure, there are some main concepts which are not rocket science and most everyone can get them. Email authentication has

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