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  To put it simply, there’s way to much information on the internet. This abundance of information directly impacts your web presence and the only way to solve that problem is by making your presence stronger. If your web presence is weak it should be fairly obvious because your business may be suffering. The good
If you own a business that offers a service you will face a bad a review from time to time. You can’t please everyone, that is just a fact of life! Whether the review is fair or inaccurate, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is how you deal with the complaint and turn a negative
As we already know we have an abundance of information at the tips of our fingers thanks to the internet.  What separates you from the others in your industry, specifically, healthcare? I’ll tell you…it’s the strategy in which you have chosen to implement your digital marketing.  Many healthcare industries are slow to gravitate to newer
The online form was once revered as the ultimate tool in lead generation. For years marketers have tried every trick in the book to just get people to fill out a (freaking!) lead form. Try an enticing giveaway: been there. Reduce form fields to the bare minimum: done that. Optimize your landing pages to death:

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